Worthless Checks

The First Judicial District Attorney's Office is troubled by the damage done to innocent parties by those who pass bad checks to local businesses. Merchants lose millions of dollars every year due to offenders who pass bad checks. The dollars needed to fund law enforcement and prosecution efforts to hold these offenders accountable increase every year. To fight this growing problem, we have organized the Worthless Check Restitution Program to help victims of bad checks recover complete and quick restitution without increasing the financial burden on taxpayers and the criminal justice system. Through the program, we give bad check offenders the opportunity to avoid criminal prosecution by paying immediate and full restitution. We do all this without any additional expense to the taxpayers of First Judicial District. I encourage local businesses to participate in this program. The Worthless Check Restitution Program is a proven, effective way to help victims recover their financial losses, hold first time offenders accountable and reduce the negative effects of bad checks at no cost to law abiding citizens of our district. Working together, we can stop the passing of bad checks in our community. For information please contact us at (505) 827-5000.

Worthless Checks Program Packet

Worthless Checks Program Fees

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